The Research and Development (R&D) team at BMA Pharma develops new drug formulations, that these new formulations are for improve customer’s demand and their view of point in order to promote the high quality products.

From pre-formulation studies to point batches and commercial scale ups with process validation, we can also handle the entire gamut of actives leading up to finished dossier and DMF compilation.

at BMA Pharma  Pharmaceutical Company’s R&D department for gaining of company’s long term goals doing their activities with perfect experts and scientific staff that they are consist of pharmacists and chemists , use of software and hardware facilities resources and scientific references, documented and confirmed types of systems and research modern equipment .

R & D department consist of three sections:

  1. Formulation Development:

Using knowledge and experience of BMA Pharma `s experts, beside of last versions of pharmaceutical references, choice of excipients, suitable dosage forms, package and … , determination and practice continued until optimum formulation be approved. All required analysis according to last version of pharmacopeias and Comparative In-vitro studies and stability studies containing Accelerated, Intermediate and Long term study done in this department.

Optimization of routine and old formulation is done here too.

  1. Analytical section:

All necessary analytical tests according last version of pharmacopeias, validation of analytical methods… done in this department.

  1. Documentation:

All scientific and practical documents related to new or optimized formulations are used for making DMF of drugs in this section.

Produce Products by Customer’s Order and Branding

BMA Pharma’s Specialists Can Produce All Kind of Drug, Supplements and Herbal Products Under International Certificate and Standards (TUV, GMP, ISO 9001). If You Have Some Formulation and New Idea to Produce Supplements and Drug or Need Packaging and Branding the Products You Can Connect with Our Expert by Sending Email or Filling the Below Field, our expert calls you in short time.