Produce Products by Customer’s Order and Branding

BMA Pharma’s Specialists Can Produce All Kind of Drug, Supplements and Herbal Products Under International Certificate and Standards (TUV, GMP, ISO 9001). If You Have Some Formulation and New Idea to Produce Supplements and Drug or Need Packaging and Branding the Products You Can Connect with Our Expert by Sending Email or Filling the Below Field, our expert calls you in short time.

BMA Pharma LLC., Co has started its activities in 2015 in the field of various supplements, hormone drugs, research products and herbal production.

Our group has exclusive contracts with authentic companies and factories. BMA Pharma distributes and sells their products in the CIS and middle Asia countries.


In this regard, BMA Pharma by taking an agency of such companies as Balkan Pharmaceuticals, NEO Pharma and well-known American sports supplement manufacturer brands such as BPI, Muscle Pharma, Cutler Nutrition, Pharma Freak and etc. has the opportunity to provide many countries around the world with best quality products.

In the beginning of 2016, our company has registered FIT BODY sub-brand in Berlin, Germany.

We start to contribute our products in some well-known sports centers, drug stores and gyms like: sports center “OX One”, sports center “NIKI gym”, sports center “GERMANY”, sports complex “Neptune”, sports center “Aspria Gym”, sports center “Arena”, sports center of municipality of DC, sports international center of USA, wrestling federation and …

You can also find our products in AVERSI and GPS drugstores all over the GERMANY. We have our own store in more than 6 centers too. Also, we are selling our products directly to German sports federation.

In addition, every month BMA Pharma publishes sports magazine “Fit Body“ with a higher circulation and it is contributed for sports federations and gyms as a free instruction of healthy nutrition, sport, aerobic and anaerobic exercises. Our brands aim in GERMANY is to make healthy lifestyle accessible for everyone.